Dossier Perfume Review

Dossier offers eco-friendly colognes and perfumes inspired by iconic fragrances from luxury brands, using safe ingredients in its products with convenient packaging that keeps costs down.

They use generic branding instead of luxury brand names, saving customers both money and hassle – plus offer free returns!


Dior Sauvage perfumes may cost more than the standard body mists and deodorant sprays found at most drugstores, but they offer higher-grade ingredients and more concentrated formulas with reasonable profit margins compared to high-end designer brands.

This company offers over 70 fragrances that replicate popular perfumes, each contained within an elegant 50 mL minimalist bottle. Their aromas last long while being made with only natural, cruelty-free and vegan ingredients – truly offering something for everyone!

This website also provides coupons, discounts and promo codes that help shoppers save money when making their purchases. These codes can be found through email, social media and their blog; exclusive deals and promotions may even be made available for newsletter subscribers such as free shipping offers, loyalty discounts or referral incentives – giving customers an opportunity to win prizes! However it should be noted that coupon codes may have certain restrictions such as minimum and maximum order amounts or categories or item restrictions and reuse limitations that limit how they may be used.


Dossier offers an assortment of perfumes and colognes suitable for women, men, and unisex customers using only high-grade ingredients without unnecessary fillers to produce scents that emulate designer fragrances. Their risk-free return policy donates all returns directly to charity.

Dossier’s Black Orchid perfume offers sophistication and sensuality all in one bottle, creating the ideal scent combination of blackcurrant, hazelnut, orange blossom and orris to leave an everlasting impression at black tie events. Its floral fragrance will leave a long-term memory.

Dossier offers an assortment of fragrances perfect for every occasion, from light perfumes to long-wearing scents that last all day long. Their minimalist 50 mL bottles look stylish while still being cruelty-free and vegan friendly; plus free samples and 30-day returns make finding what you love even easier. Additionally, prices are more than competitive with luxury perfumes/colognes – meaning Dossier may not last as long but remains an excellent value option!


Dossier is a perfume company founded on the belief that premium fragrances should be accessible and affordable for everyone. Their selection includes dupes of designer scents that are cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and made with clean ingredients; as well as products inspired by cult favorites and luxury classics. Dossier offers free shipping when purchasing three or more perfumes at once – these items arrive packaged in recyclable boxes and bottles without plastic waste!

Dossier offers free returns on all their perfumes through Give Back Box, who donate the returned bottles to charities across the US. Committed to creating a better world and using minimal packaging costs as much as possible for reduced environmental impacts, Dossier uses minimal waste packaging while striving to make an impactful statement of sustainability and social responsibility.

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Customer service

Dossier offers customers an innovative way to shop for perfume by providing differently-sized bottles at reasonable shipping costs, making multiple purchases possible of one scent. In addition, the website includes fantastic customer reviews and testimonials to assist shoppers in choosing which fragrance to purchase.

By doing this, the company can reduce retail markups and maintain affordable prices. Their products are handcrafted in Grasse, France – considered the perfume capital. Although prices may be reduced, quality remains intact.

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