Guru Review – Freelancers’ Review of

Guru is a freelance website designed to connect freelancers with gigs worldwide. Members from across the globe utilize this resource and benefit from its services for both employers and freelancers alike.

Safe Pay, one of its security features, requires employers to deposit funds into an escrow account for freelancers’ payment – this ensures their payments will reach them, however it may take time before verification takes place.

Freelance marketplace

Marketing Services is a freelance website that allows its members to search and complete jobs in exchange for money, using two membership options and multiple payment methods (cash account, PayPal, Payoneer or wire transfer). Freelancers can withdraw earnings using any one of these channels before withdrawing them through Guru itself – there’s even a free trial period if anyone wishes to test drive its services first!

This platform provides both hourly and milestone-based contracts, and utilizes its Safe Pay system to protect members against unpaid invoices. However, its wide array of contracts may lead to some confusion for newcomers on the platform.

Guru also offers an extensive help center and phone number, and their customer support team is available Monday – Friday 9am-6pm EST. Additionally, there is also a blog on the website with more detailed topics, such as posting job ads or finding work through it – these resources provide excellent resources for both newcomers and experienced freelancers alike.

Job board

This site offers a secure workspace that allows clients and freelancers to collaborate easily in an open manner, communicating freely while creating scope of work documents and agreeing on project terms ranging from short tasks to years-long collaborations. Furthermore, 24/7 customer support is offered.

This website promotes freelance work as flexible work options and features testimonials from satisfied users. The homepage shows an image of an employee working from his computer at his leisure – underscoring its relaxed nature – while its search engine provides job listings sorted by skills and location.

Site is completely free to freelancers, while employers pay a 2.9% handling fee per invoice; this charge may be refundable if paying with an eCheck in the United States or wire transfer. In addition to offering this payment service for invoices, freelancers also benefit from having compliance services provided for corporate clients and helping develop workflows for hiring freelancers as well as TimeTracker tools that track hours.

Payment options

Guru provides several different payment options for you to receive the funds for your work on their platform, such as direct invoicing, bank transfers and ACH payments. Recurring payments such as hourly or milestone-based are also offered through this system; furthermore SafePay protects payment by depositing it into an escrow until delivery has occurred.

PayPal may provide convenience, but other platforms offer extra peace of mind when moving funds across borders or currencies. When moving funds it is always wise to read through any relevant fine print as there may be charges when switching currencies or moving your money across borders.

Wise multi-currency borderless accounts are an alternative way to avoid high transfer fees and make getting paid easier than ever; you’ll still get your exchange rates without markups – this feature is especially handy if you reside outside the US.

Customer service

Customer service is one of the cornerstones of business success, as it determines its long-term survival. Freelancers should strive to offer top-tier customer service to their clients; otherwise they might find another freelancer that offers better services elsewhere. It is therefore vitally important that businesses select an excellent customer service platform with high levels of trust and security for maximum effectiveness.

Guru makes customer experiences extraordinary. With Guru, organizing product FAQs, support processes, canned responses, tech stack tips and other content is now effortless thanks to secure enterprise search and wiki features that bring answers directly into teams’ workflows. Knowledge management has never felt so effortless! Start a free trial now without credit card restrictions – start it now.