Guru Review

Guru stands out among freelance hiring sites as it has received considerable criticism, due to its large pool of unvetted freelancers and poor record of blocking scammers.

Joining and posting an ad are both free of charge, but there may be a transaction fee when hiring freelancers through this platform. All transactions are protected through an escrow-type account called SafePay to protect transactions between freelancers and employers.


Marketing services currently boasts 2 million freelancers from various fields, from those specializing in gig jobs like logo design and marketing to law and engineering. Their user-friendly platform enables clients and freelancers to easily communicate, saving both time and resources by streamlining the hiring process. Furthermore, SafePay’s fraud protection features ensure funds remain safe until work has been completed on an order.

Find the freelancer that best meets your needs with various filters. The search bar lets you filter by skill set and price range; additionally it helps filter by location and provides suggestions based on what parameters you input.

Make the search box work harder for you by selecting “With Portfolio” or “With Membership.” This will quickly locate freelancers with professional online portfolios. Once found, request a quote and negotiate terms of work/payment directly with them.


Employers looking for freelancers should visit guru. The website provides an array of jobs from single tasks to long-term projects and has an escrow system called SafePay to protect both parties during transactions. Their homepage showcases an image depicting someone working at his laptop while emphasising the flexibility of freelance work; listings contain details like description, location, rates, photo and tested skills as well as visibility options depending on whether the employer wants their listing visible to everyone or just verified members.

Once a job is complete, the writer receives payment within 24 hours through PayPal or directly into their bank account. There is a 2.9% handling fee per invoice but if an employer uses an eCheck in the US or wire transfer that charge is waived back by this website. Furthermore, there is also a private WorkRoom where client and freelancer can interact and collaborate together on project details.


Guru allows freelancers to collaborate with clients worldwide. Employers can use the platform to find talent. Services range from simple project management to full outsourcing of business functions; in addition, members have access to help centers and community forums for problem resolution.

Guru charges freelancers a project fee that varies based on their membership level, deducted from client payments – up to 8.95% of job value is deducted as this project fee as well as any rebilling charges.

SafePay ensures employers are compensated for their work, giving freelancers greater trust that their payment will arrive. When withdrawing money it’s essential to read the fine print; PayPal charges high fees when moving funds between currencies whereas using Wise multi-currency borderless account may reduce fees while providing more control over what portion of payment actually arrives in your account.

Customer service

Guru offers various membership levels, the first being completely free. However, validation will cost $4.95. To make changes to your membership visit the members area on our web platform and select “Membership”.

The website boasts an expansive Help Center that addresses many of the most frequently asked questions. Customer service agents can be reached through an email-based ticketing system and social media – however these methods can prove slow and cumbersome if you require quick solutions.

Guru’s secure enterprise search and wiki solutions give your teams instant answers, right in their workflow. Store product FAQs, support processes, canned responses and tech stack tips so you can provide amazing customer experiences. Easily share knowledge with new hires while keeping the rest of the team focused. All with one user-friendly platform – it’s simply better working.