Media Take Out – A Review of Fred Mwangaguhunga’s Website

Fred Mwangaguhunga launched media take out in 2006 as a blog-style gossip website focusing on celebrities and entertainment news, such as Will Smith slapping Kim Kardashian during their pregnancy announcements. Media Take Out has reported many stories such as Will’s dismissal from The Office as well as Will and Kim’s subsequent reunion onscreen.

The site sources its information from those close to celebrities – family, friends and associates alike.

Fred Mwangaguhunga

Fred Mwangaguhunga, an entrepreneur and former corporate lawyer, established Media Takeout in 2006. This blog-style news website covers celebrity news and entertainment with an emphasis on African American celebrities; its loyal following receives millions of pageviews each month.

Stories posted on the site generally come from insiders such as friends and family members of celebrities. Furthermore, pictures featuring famous faces have often caused controversy, such as Mayor Frank Melton posing with scantily clad women in controversial poses.

Media Takeout remains one of the most widely read black-owned websites. With an audience and news breaking every hour, it provides breaking stories as they occur and also has a mobile application. Recently however, Mwangaguhunga has faced some difficulties related to false stories being promoted about celebrities on his site; nevertheless he is determined to make Media Takeout successful, planning expansion into television and radio platforms in future plans.

Business model

Fred Mwangaguhunga focused on building media take out’s brand and drawing in visitors when he founded it; this enabled him to learn from how top news sites and social media channels gained audiences and grow revenue streams. With this strategy in place, he established strong brand recognition while increasing revenues.

Media Take Out sources its stories from insiders willing to open up about themselves – including staff workers, bodyguards and former flames of celebrities. Unfortunately, Media Take Out does not disclose its sources.

Mwangaguhunga also utilized Facebook to expand his website. Recognizing it was the largest social media community, he utilized this resource effectively.

Many media companies are moving away from the Page View Rat Race and towards traditional marketing models involving building relationships with customers, such as subscription content or events, advertising services, or e-commerce products. This shift helps media companies retain audiences while earning higher ad rates.

Breaking news headlines

Mediatakeout is a premier celebrity news website that reports the latest rumors and scandals. As one of the leading sources for sensational stories on celebrity gossip, Mediatakeout attracts millions of visitors daily; much of this success can be attributed to their strong presence on social media platforms like Facebook.

Most stories posted to the site come directly from insider sources – often staff workers employed by celebrities and their close acquaintances – while it also prides itself on breaking news faster than other outlets.

Mediatakeout’s rise and prominence shed light on the intertwining worlds of journalism and entertainment, while its focus on celebrity gossip poses ethical dilemmas that must be considered when publishing information about them. Balancing public interest in celebrity news with respect for privacy and mental well-being of celebrities requires using only credible sources that prioritize accuracy and journalistic integrity; additionally it’s crucial to avoid clickbait headlines which may mislead readers, seek multiple sources and verify accuracy before publishing.


mediatakeout is one of the premier news and celebrity gossip websites online. Known for its eye-catching headlines that grab reader’s attention, Media Takeout relies heavily on advertisements for revenue generation; as such it boasts millions of visitors per day and has become an essential scuttlebutt source.

Fred Mwangaguhunga is the creator of this popular urban news website that covers celebrity gossip. Since 2006, it has gone from small blog to multimillion-dollar company thanks to Fred who was also previously a corporate lawyer at Columbia University before founding this news outlet.

The site sources its gossip from insiders who are close to celebrities, such as their bodyguards, ex-girlfriends and hair stylists. Some of these tidbits may even go viral – contributing greatly to its traffic generation capabilities. Furthermore, plans exist to expand this content further into television and radio as well.