Napolita Pizza – A Celebration of Authenticity

Napolita pizza, with its delectable blend of flavors, is deeply embedded within cultural heritage and enjoyed worldwide. A culinary tradition steeped in history, authentic Napolita pizza remains one of the world’s favorite treats!

Napolita is a vibrant cuisine hailing from Naples, Italy, featuring bold flavors and fresh ingredients that transport you directly back into its bustling streets with every bite you take.


Napolita is one of the many culinary treasures from Naples, Italy that continues to represent their vibrant food culture today.

Napolitano pizza dough undergoes an extended fermentation process, creating a light and airy consistency with crispy edges. Toppings for this style are carefully chosen: the San Marzano variety offers sweet-tart sweetness; along with fior di latte mozzarella for its milky sweetness and soft textures.

Napolitano became popular during World War II among American GIs stationed in Naples and has become one of the world’s favorite dishes ever since. More than just a delicious dessert, its popularity connects people together with art, culture, and heritage in unexpected ways.

Classic Styles

Neapolitan style embodies all aspects of Naples life; from timeless elegance and refined artistry, to culture that values craftsmanship and strives for excellence. In order to appreciate it fully, one must embody this lifestyle in which craftsmanship is celebrated as much as excellence is desired.

Neapolitan tailors take great pride in crafting suits and shirts according to tradition: for instance, their jackets often feature three-roll two buttoning with an elegant yet natural drape–never boxy or tight. In addition, their pockets tend to feature more flexible curves instead of the more rigid square ones found elsewhere.

They typically feature what are known as spalla camicia (small folds on the lapel) and grinze (puckered pleats), as well as tailored with more hand work and featuring spalla con rollino for an eye-catching look. As for shoes, English brands such as Edward Green or Crockett & Jones tend to be preferred over more flamboyant ones seen on Savile Row.


Neapolitan cuisine prides itself on authenticity from simple dishes to complex ones, adhering to strict standards of authenticity in all that it serves – pizza to pasta, seafood to desserts and street foods; its culinary culture charms visitors with rich flavors made up of simple ingredients with unwavering commitments to tradition and culture.

Napolitan traditions go well beyond just food; family celebrations and culinary rituals bring families closer. From Carnivale to soul-stirring Christmas feasts, each festival adds its own distinctive flair to Napolitan identity.

Neapolitan pizza is made using only premium ingredients, including highly refined Italian type 0 or 00 flour, water, salt and fresh brewer’s yeast from Neapolia or elsewhere in Italy. Additionally, pizza makers must adhere to stringent preparation techniques so as to deliver an authentic Neapolitan experience.

Culinary Rituals

While many might associate Naples with tasty ice cream treats and an interesting history, its essence goes much deeper. Napolita is more than that: it represents cuisine, culture and life itself in Naples’ historic city center- a UNESCO World Heritage site-and its lively street life- while simultaneously honoring family values and tradition while reflecting the passion of its people into each dish.

As such, this dish embraces a philosophy of simplicity by showcasing each ingredient for their individual flavors. A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil adds subtle complexities that bring everything together for an exceptional bite-by-bite experience.

Napolita’s culinary philosophy centers on authenticity, which can be seen throughout its menu of pizza, pasta, seafood and dessert. Napolita’s Northbrook location proudly displays their certification by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana; an authority recognized worldwide that ensures true Neapolitan pizza-making techniques.