Nicor Gas Provides Natural Gas Service to 2.2 Million Customers

Nicor Gas currently provides natural gas service to over two and a half million customers across 31 northern Illinois counties, and their energy deregulation enables you to choose your supplier. CUB monitors alternative provider offers for consumers while advocating for stronger consumer protections.

The International Competition Commission has issued orders regarding the Registrant’s PBR plan for natural gas costs that ended on January 1st 2003.


Nicor login has the ideal residential service plan to suit every lifestyle – be it an apartment or traditional home. Learn about their billing and payment options, ways to save and energy efficiency programs.

Under Illinois’ energy deregulation law, you have the freedom to select your natural gas supplier; however, Nicor Gas – your local utility provider – will still deliver and maintain its pipelines.

Explore your options when selecting an alternative supplier and the Illinois Commerce Commission’s list of complaints against suppliers. Compare rates to get the best offer; alternatively enroll in the Sharing program to receive one-time grants to assist qualified residential customers with utility costs – administered by The Salvation Army.


Nicor Gas provides commercial office and apartment builders, mall owners, warehouse operatorss and energy efficiency product installers with a comprehensive portfolio of natural gas solutions to support their projects.

Small businesses can save money with Nicor Gas Customer Select program. Customers can select a certified supplier to purchase natural gas supplies while Nicor continues providing service, reading meters and responding to emergency situations.

Find a Contractor is an invaluable tool that allows Nicor Gas customers to connect with contractors who specialize in energy efficiency installations or other natural gas-related projects for residential/commercial natural gas uses. Only Contractor Circle installing members are listed, so become part of their ranks today to take advantage of this valuable marketing resource and stay informed with rebates and resources via our Trade Ally newsletter!


Nicor Gas offers back-up generation and natural gas service to large industrial customers to support renewable energy projects in cold climate communities, helping solar and wind power become even more viable options.

As deregulation opened up the natural gas market, Nicor expanded quickly by taking advantage of new opportunities. It divested contract drilling operations, coal-mining assets and Tropical Shipping barge company which transported petroleum products on the Mississippi River.

Residential customers who are past-due on their natural gas utility bill may qualify for a one-time, annual grant from The Salvation Army to help cover their service. Apply at your local Salvation Army branch. Commercial customers are eligible for energy efficiency rebates and assessments through Contractor Circle; for updates regarding this and other programs subscribe to their quarterly newsletter.

Energy Efficiency Program

Nicor Gas offers its Energy Efficiency Program as an easy and cost-effective way for homeowners and business leaders alike to save energy and money through rebates, education and tools to assist customers on their energy-saving journeys.

Homeowners looking to invest in energy efficiency upgrades may qualify for financing with an unsecured loan added directly onto their utility bill from Ameren Illinois or Nicor Gas. Eligible improvements include attic insulation, wall insulation, air sealing duct sealing upgrades as well as HVAC, water heater and weatherization upgrades.

Commercial & industrial customers can reduce energy costs through free assessments, studies and rebates for high-efficiency gas space and water heating equipment from Energy Efficiency Partnership (EEP). Furthermore, financial rebates may also be offered for energy saving measures that don’t fit within its Business Program.

Trade Ally

Nicor Gas serves more than 2.3 million residential, commercial, and public sector natural gas customers across northern Illinois through a distribution network covering 34,000 miles.

In 2015, the company received the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s “Inspiring Efficiency Education” award for their “What’s in the Box?” campaign, which illustrates how an existing home’s natural gas equipment operates while outlining benefits associated with making high-efficiency upgrades as well as how to access rebates.

EGIA assists utility resource efficiency programs through contractor management services, including training & development coordination, screening & approval approval, performance monitoring and the creation of contractor sales & marketing tools. EGIA also offers customer referral programs and facilitates development workshops; all contractors must fulfill program requirements to participate.