Secretly Cultivate For a Thousand Years

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When Han Jue died, he found himself reincarnated into the cultivation game. Every day he would exercise and roll dice to determine his Cultivation Potential; though most often this resulted in Mixed Cultivation Potentials he never gave up trying.


Reincarnation (also referred to as rebirth and transmigration or metempsychosis in ancient Greek-inspired texts) is the belief that some part of a person, such as their consciousness or soul, continues to live after biological death by continuing into new bodies until reaching spiritual maturity and returning back into its source–usually seen as God or Universal Soul.

This concept is central to Hinduism and Buddhism as well as many new religious movements; it plays an important role in Han Jue’s world of cultivation.

Reincarnation may be compelling to many who believe in it, while some find its concept hard to swallow. If the law of karma were intended to punish sins and foster humility in this life, why are so many suffering here? How could children possibly pay the price for actions they can’t remember from past lives?

Cultivation Potential

Manga comics offer engaging reads with engaging plotlines and characters. They explore a wide variety of themes such as fate versus free will debates as well as real-life processes such as cultivation.

Han Jue approaches his cultivation journey like it were a video game, applying his knowledge of video gaming to maximize his progress and accelerate advancement quickly in cultivation. This strategy proves successful; Han Jue quickly advances within this world of cultivation.

This stands in stark contrast to how most xianxia novels are written, which feature rigid master-disciple relationships and systems where clans inherit leadership based on bloodlines. This distinction plays an integral part of the story as it allows readers to better comprehend cultivation world and culture while making it more realistic and captivating for fans of xianxia novels.


Cultivation practitioners generally follow an unspoken rule: the longer one cultivates, the stronger they become. As you assimilate spiritual energy into your body and increase strength through cultivation, over time the effects can become difficult for one person to assimilate any further. After reaching certain thresholds it becomes harder and harder to assimilate spiritual energy and build strength through assimilation.

In this chapter of Top Tier Providence, Xie Yi joins our protagonist’s story from an elite clan and quickly gains an advantage over him; but our hero proves his grit and perseverance by relentlessly working to match her skill level.

One unique aspect of this story is how it uses elements from video games to advance its plot. Han Jue, one of the main protagonists, uses his knowledge of video game strategy to advance in this unfamiliar environment – for instance by repeatedly rolling for connate providence and strategically improving his attributes.


Secretly Cultivate For a Thousand Years Chapter 23 provide an entertaining way to learn more about history, cultures and life in general. Additionally, they teach invaluable lessons that can be implemented into real life: such as teamwork and cooperation in cultivation environments where decisions made by one character often determine the fates of others.

Han Jue is an outstanding example of this principle. He approaches cultivation like a video game, constantly improving his attributes and skills to become stronger. While his methods put him at risk of discovery by his parents, Han continues to persevere until he achieves his goals.

Another theme explored in this manga is the power of bloodlines. Fang Ning has an advantage against his new opponent Xie Yi, as she hails from an influential clan with which she can compete on equal terms; therefore it will be up to Fang Ning to work harder at keeping pace with her challenger and overtake them both.