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Seven Sirius Benjamin was born on the 18th day of the month of November in 1997. He’s currently turning 25 in in 202. Benjamin is popularly known as the name son of Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu. Benjamin’s genuine name is Seven Sirius Benjamin. Benjamin is able to remain away from the spotlight. Benjamin is the first kid of Andre 3000 and is also the oldest child in the family from Erykah Badu.

Who is Seven Sirius Benjamin?

Seven Sirius Benjamin is the son of Erykah Badu as well as legendary Andre 3000. This is an alternative stage name to Andre. The name he was given at the time was born was in fact Andre Benjamin which is where Seven Sirius Benjamin gets his name.

The parents of Seven are famous for their roles. But the truth is that Seven is a striking image with a lot of similarities like his father including the music industry as well as the fashion industry. His mother was employed for several years in the entertainment business and fashion.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Biography:

Seven Sirius Benjamin was born on the 18th of November in 1997, in Dallas, Texas, United State. Benjamin is the son of Andre Lauren Benjamin, well-known under the name of Andre 3000. Andre 3000 is a renowned Americansinger and rapper, and also an actor and performer, as well as record producer.

Sirius’s mom Sirius, Erica Abi Wright who is professionally known by the name Erykah Badu is an acclaimed actor, as well as a vocalist as well as a songwriter, record producer and performer. Sirius’s parents are from similar backgrounds and have performed alongside the other on the stage.

Sirius’s mom Sharon Benjamin was a single mother, and a real estate agent. Lawrence Harvey, the grandfather of Sirius, Lawrence Harvey was an avid collector. His grandmother passed away in 2013, and his grandfather passed away in year 2014. Sirius has no siblings as his parents divorced over the space of just a few years after the birth of their child. However, he has two step-siblings that are unrelated to his father.

Some of their names are Puma Sabti Curry and Mars Merkaba Thedford. Born in Dallas, Texas, and is an American citizen. United States. American citizenship is the consequence of birth. Sirius has not revealed his academic achievements through the press. His mother has made reference to his academic credentials in her blog post in one of her posts in the blog post that Sirius is studying Botany at an institution.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Wiki:

Real Name/Full NameSeven Sirius Benjamin
Birth Place:Dallas, Texas, United States
Date Of Birth/Birthday:18 November 1997
Age/How Old:25 years old
Height/How Tall:N/A
Hair Color:N/A
Parents Name:Father – Andre BenjaminMother – Erica Wright
Siblings:Puma Sabti Curry and Mars Merkaba Thedford
School/College:Local School In His Hometown
Ethnicity:African American
Zodiac Sign:Scorpio
Marital Status:Unmarried
Famous For:For His Parents, Who Are The Music Industry’s Legends
Net Worth:$5 Million (Parents Net Worth)
Last Updated:October 2022

Seven Sirius Benjamin Age:

He was born on November 1997. He will be 25 in 2022. Seven is an amazing model with stunning physique. The size and weight estimates aren’t known yet. Based on the images uploaded by him online, it seems that he’s very muscular and weighs an appropriate weight.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Family:

Benjamin was born in Dallas, Texas to Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu. His father is Afro-Bahamian, African American, Cherokee native American, Cornish, Dutch, English, French-Canadian, German, Irish, Scottish, Swedish and Welsh descent His mother is African-American, and has English, Irish and Scottish heritage.

Andre Lauren Benjamin is a rapper from the United States who is a part of the hip-hop duo OutKast. Andre 3000 is his stage name. Andre 3000 is also the founder of the group OutKast and his co-musician Antwan “Big Boi” Patton.

OutKast released a single titled “Ms. Jackson” in 2000. The song was inspired by the love story between Andre’s and Erykah Badu. OutKast received an Grammy Award in the category of Best Rap Performance by a duo or group for the track which was a huge chart-topping hit.

Erica Abi Wright, also called”the queen of Neo-Soul is an American musician and singer from the United States. She was honoured with Grammy Award by the Recording Industry Association of America that has awarded her Baduizm album distinction as three-platinum (RIAA). From 1995 to 1999, she was involved in an affair with singing with Andre 3000. Seven was their only child.

After her separation of Andre, Erykah has had numerous relationships. She was the girlfriend of the D.O.C who was had been an American rapper hailing from Texas and also had one daughter. Puma The baby’s name was Sabti Curry. The child’s name was born on the 5th of July 2004.

Badu also was in a relationship with a romantic partner and had a son with musician Jay Electronica. Mars Merkaba, Erykah’s third baby, was born on February 1st in 2009. His maternal grandmother’s name has been changed to Sharon Benjamin while his grandfather is Lawrence Harvey. Both grandparents have passed away. Sharon died in 2013 and Benjamin died in 2014. Sharon was an representative for a real estate agent. Benjamin was an agent for collections.

Parents Name:Father – Andre Benjamin
Mother – Erica Wright
Siblings:Puma Sabti Curry and Mars Merkaba Thedford

Seven Sirius Benjamin Education:

His academic credentials of Benjamin Jr. isn’t clear however, it is believed it’s possible that Benjamin Jr. was a student at the high school located in Dallas, Texas. According to the post of Seven’s mother in her Instagram account, Benjamin Jr. is currently studying at Botany at an unidentified university.

School/College:Local School In His Hometown
Famous For:For His Parents, Who Are The Music Industry’s Legends

Seven Sirius Benjamin Girlfriend:

Seven Sirius has not made public any information about his training or experience in the workplace, or any relationships with anyone else. It is therefore unclear whether there’s an association or if he’s married.

Seven is the only young person who is able to be able to answer that question. As of now, Seven appears to be single. It’s possible Seven will provide more information about his personal life in the near future.

Marital Status:Unmarried

Seven Sirius Benjamin Career:

In terms of work, it’s similar to his life in the beginning and his personal life. There’s little information available about what he does for a living.

Despite being a star child Seven Sirus Benjamin prefers to stay out of the media and the spotlight. There is a possibility that he is currently enrolled on his studies. He hasn’t made any announcements regarding his current job or plans for the future of his field of work.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Net Worth:

Seven Sirius Benjamin with her father

As we’ve previously mentioned, Seven Sirus Benjamin is working on his studies, however, he has not yet announced his plans for professional or academic studies. The actor is well-known for his private life, but since his father is known as a prominent record producer it’s also a certain possibility that he will live the lifestyle of millionaire.

However, Seven Sirus Benjamin does not engage in social media. However, it’s evident that he’s leading an active and healthy life. However, the worth in his fortune isn’t well recognized because he’s not disclosed any details regarding his personal as well as professional lives.

If we take a look at how much his parents’ net worth is, we can determine his parents’ net worth is about $5 million. They’re in the upper echelon of the list in the world of musicians employed in the field.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Physical Appearance:

Height5 Feet 9 Inches
WeightNot Known
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack
Shoe SizeUnknown

Seven Sirius Benjamin on Social Media

The boy isn’t linked to any social media sites and there aren’t many photos of him online. He seems to be an extremely private person who isn’t fond of being the center of attention in the media in particular since he’s a child of the most well-known persona. 

InstagramNot Known
FacebookNot Known
TwitterNot Known

Interesting Facts About Seven Sirius Benjamin:

  • Seven Benjamin is a family member. Seven Benjamin was born 18th of November 1997. He is now 25. Age.
  • Seven is an amazing model sporting a beautiful body. His height and weight aren’t known to the public. Based on his photos that posted by him online, it seems that he’s a typical weight and size.
  • The details of Seven’s professional life aren’t widely known. The amount earned and the net worth aren’t known to the public. However, he lives extravagantly because his parents are extremely wealthy.
  • Benjamin hasn’t revealed the details of his relationships with friends. We don’t know whether he’s in any relationship with him, or is a former girlfriend. He appears to keep his private life from the eyes of the world.
  • Sirius is the son of Andre Benjamin and Erica Wright. Sirius his dad Sirius has been dubbed the rapper Andre 3000 and his mother is a singer who goes by an acting brand Erykah Badu.
  • Benjamin’s education details aren’t available.
  • Benjamin was born in America as a child and was educated in America. United States. Benjamin has become an American citizen. United States. American citizenship.
  • Seven is known as an individual who would prefer to stay away from the limelight. Seven is usually seen with his parents.
  • He’s currently on the news due to his TikTok video that was created by Puma Curry. Curry is the younger brother of Puma. Puma Curry.
  • Seven is not active on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

FAQs about Seven Sirus Benjamin:

  • Who is Seven Sirius Benjamin?

Seven Benjamin is a family member of the family. The family is identified as the dad of Andre 3000 as well as Erykah Badu.

  • How old is Seven Sirius Benjamin?

He will be 25 in 2022.

  • Who is the Father of Seven?

Seven Sirius Benjamin father is Andre 3000.

  • The mother of the HTML0 had been Seven?

Seven Sirius Benjamin mother is Erykah Badu.

  • The name is what? Nation of Seven?

Seven Sirius Benjamin nationality is American.

  • What is the weight and height of Seven?

He has a normal body shape.

  • What is the College of Seven?

The source source said that Benjamin is studying Botany however what is the title of the institution and the names of the college isn’t identified.

  • What is the Ethnicity of Seven?

Seven Sirius Benjamin is an ethnicity that is part of African American.

  • What is the Zodiac Sign of Seven?

The signification of Seven Sirius Benjamin’s zodiac signification is Scorpio.

  • How do I identify the name of the girl of Seven?

Seven Sirius Benjamin is currently single.


Andre 3000 has been in the world of music for more than 20 years , and thanks to his accomplishments and successes, he has been able to be an amazing parent to his child Seven Sirius Benjamin. Seven’s mother is still active in the world of music and despite having two sons of famous musicians, Seven Sirius has no plans to venture into the business of music.

He’s among the lucky children born between stars who can live in a normal way, without any media. There’s a good chance that he’ll be seen with his parents at times.