Skyward Family Access and Canvas Parent

Skyward Family Access gives parents access to student data instantly online. In addition, parents can verify if emergency contact details are correct through this convenient portal.

Parents and students can use Skyward Mobile to track grades, assignment details and attendance data in real time. Furthermore, both Apple and Google stores offer the free Skyward Mobile app for convenient mobile access to accounts.

Parent/Guardian Login

fort bend isd skyward family access allows parents and students to view real-time information regarding schedules, grades, attendance and demographics in real time. Families will receive login details via email once completing New Student Online Enrollment; should they misplace or forget their login credentials they may recover them by clicking “Forgot Your Login?” on the Family Access System screen.

Staff from GISD are available to provide assistance with troubleshooting, password resets and account creation as well as provide tips for using the site.

Student Login

Skyward Student Access allows students to easily keep an eye on their grades and attendance as well as manage their school schedule and course requests. Though this system adds additional work for staff members, its impact should not be as great.

Skyward Family Access login ids can only be issued upon proper verification at your child’s campus, for security and identity purposes. Please contact them directly for more information.

Parent/Guardian Access to Grades

Students and their parents can gain access to their student grades via Skyward Family Access, a password-protected site which enables both parties to manage course grades, lunch balances and more. Both parents and students can get assistance using the site from Skyward Family Access tutorials.

Under FERPA regulations, students have control of who may access their academic information. To do this, they must submit a Certificate of Dependence form allowing parents/guardians access to view final grade reports for themselves and any dependent children they have.

Parent/Guardian Access to Attendance

Skyward Family Access provides parents with an effective tool for monitoring grades, attendance and communicating with teachers and school officials as well as accessing report cards and discipline information.

Parents can enter absence requests using Skyward to save time by not calling the school directly and being processed quickly by staff members.

Parents seeking access to Skyward can fill out a Family Access form at their child’s school and bring along photo identification for verification.

Parent/Guardian Access to Lunch Balances

Skyward family access is an online tool designed to give parents access to student grades, attendance records, food service balances and more. Each family will be issued their own username and password that will work across all active students within their household.

Parents can set alerts through the system to notify them when their student’s account balance drops below a predefined amount, prompting a note for take home delivery to them while also notifying parents via email.

Parent/Guardian Access to Report Cards

Parents and students can gain access to grades, attendance records, schedules, and other useful data through Skyward Family Access. This tool facilitates open lines of communication between school and home while also enabling parents to log-in from any computer with internet connectivity from anywhere around the world.

Family access accounts provide custodial parents with visibility to all adults associated with a student within their household through ATS. By viewing names, relationships, and contact info for adults linked with each student in ATS they can keep an eye on how he/she interacts.

Parent/Guardian Access to Messages

Skyward Family Access and Canvas Parent are mobile applications specifically tailored for parents and students to utilize on both iOS and Android devices, offering instantaneous access to class announcements, assignments and important information about class schedules and events.

Real time operation ensures a positive student experience; for instance, their lunch charge will appear on Skyward/Family Access about two minutes after entering it into the system by lunch room worker.

Parent/Guardian Access to Calendars

Skyward Family Access allows parents to monitor student grades, attendance, food service balances and schedules. The system also features a calendar and message center so parents can keep tabs on important dates like test and field trip dates.

Parents seeking Skyward Family Access should reach out to the school of their child. In order to activate an account, a picture ID may be needed – once activated, this account will serve all the students in your household.

Parent/Guardian Access to Notification Settings

Students and their parents have access to their student’s grades, discipline records, attendance data and class schedules through Skyward Family Access’ web portal – making information readily available across desktop computers and mobile devices alike.

Through Family Access website or mobile app, you can customize notification settings for both school- and general-related news. For instance, you may choose different email languages for SchoolMessenger (also known as Skylert).

By signing into Family Access, you can also choose whether to receive food service balance notifications and grade progress reports, as well as subscribe to district enewsletters.