Star Swim Schools: Invaluable Life Lessons For Your Children (2023)

Star Swim Schools was established on the belief that water skills and safety are invaluable life lessons for children. Their commitment is to offer high-quality training sessions that deliver significant results within an enjoyable learning-to-swim environment.

Swimming lessons Cranbourne has heated indoor pools for year-round lessons that ensure lessons run without interruption and decrease the likelihood of children contracting colds, further enriching their learning experience and eliminating the risk of colds for students.


Learn to Swim

Learning to swim is an invaluable life skill that can save lives. Whether it’s for your children or yourself, finding an enjoyable and safe school that can offer classes can provide all involved with an opportunity to progress quickly and safely.

Star Swim Schools is a family-oriented, fully accredited swim school offering high-quality swimming lessons to students of all ages and abilities. Their child-centered teaching approach features small group classes so each learner gets individual attention.

Their instructors are all professionally qualified, dedicated to providing top quality swimming education, and their pools are heated to a comfortable 32-33 degrees for year-round practice of aquatic skills for kids of all ages. This helps acclimate them to water quickly without risk of getting cold and speeds up learning faster. Their programs adhere to Swim England Learn to Swim syllabus which promotes confidence, enjoyment and safety for participants of all ages while building up confidence, enjoyment and safety in water environments.

Baby Swimming Lessons

Baby swimming classes Cranbourne are an effective way to foster your baby’s relationship with water while strengthening bonds between you both.

Swimming for babies offers amazing health and developmental advantages that extend to older children and adults; it provides low impact exercise with incredible fitness results while supporting heart, lungs and muscle health. Swimming also aids coordination, balance and posture improvement as it strengthens coordination, balance and posture.

Recommendations suggest babies begin swimming classes six weeks post birth; however, if a parent feels comfortable starting earlier classes sooner. Our classes are small and welcoming – featuring small classes aimed at helping parents/caregivers build confidence in the water while keeping their babies safe.

As we want your child to feel safe, swim nappies must be worn during classes at our boutique facility – this way we have formed fantastic relationships over time!

Adult Swimming Lessons

No matter where you are on your aquatic journey – from beginners trying to overcome fear of water to advanced triathletes looking to improve lap times or parents looking to teach their children, our adult swim lessons offer classes to meet every individual need and challenge, with expert coaches available and personalized attention provided for every class.

At our language school for adults of all levels, we provide weekly group lessons. This allows for continuity in learning, enabling them to advance quickly through each level.

Learning to swim will give you confidence and skills necessary for joining in on the fun — even if it wasn’t something you learned as a kid! That’s why we encourage everyone to #SwimForIt!

Private Lessons

At Private Lessons of Texas, we offer lessons suitable for swimmers of all ages. Private lessons provide individual attention that accelerates progress at a faster rate and allow swimmers to work at their own pace; thus fostering independence.

Please be aware that 24 hours notice is required for cancelled lessons, otherwise no make up lesson will be available. For more details please refer to our terms and conditions.