Top Adult Websites: Behind The Wall

Top adult websites are widely-regarded for their unique content. They provide information, entertainment and social networking as well as revenue generation opportunities.

According to SimilarWeb rankings, some of the most visited websites in the US are adult content sites – more so than Twitter, eBay or Netflix!


Fapello is an adult website offering access to an expansive selection of sexual videos. Available in several languages and offering private chat rooms, the site may also contain harmful viruses that could compromise your device. Furthermore, its IP trackers could record your activity and send pop-up ads from sister sites; therefore it is advisable that a VPN be utilized before downloading content from this website.

Pornhub only allows verified models to upload content, while Fapello welcomes amateur pornography as well. The platform features a YouTube-style format with both professional and amateur content uploaded onto it; making Fapello one of the most-visited porn sites online and its owners hoping to turn a profit with it.

Are You Wanting to be a Successful Porn Producer? Get Started Now on Fapello by creating an account! Joining is free, and there is both regular and verified account options – the latter requires sending face cam footage for verification if desired, otherwise simply go with regular.


Pornhub is one of the world’s most visited pornography websites, boasting 33.5 billion visits annually. Offering users an easy browsing experience with its responsive design optimized for desktop, tablet and smartphone screens; as well as interactive features to encourage engagement.

MindGeek, based in Luxembourg, owns and operates this site. Due to its immense popularity, critics of its content moderation practices have taken issue with them; many countries have banned access to this platform altogether; activists and media have put pressure on MindGeek to curb performers being exploited on its platform.

As a result, the site altered its policies; now requiring verification for uploaders and eliminating download buttons; this has helped mitigate some of the harm done by illegal pornography on the site. But even this has not prevented exploitation of innocent people, including sex workers and survivors of sexual assault, who have been subject to extortion and other forms of harassment by some uploaders.

Erito Network

Erito Network is an excellent way to discover authentic Asian porn with an emphasis on Japanese models, filming HD quality videos in which scenes such as sex, anime, and cosplay take place. Plus it boasts an appealing minimalist layout with minimal features so as to prevent over-crowding or clutter!

This website may be considered niche, but it offers an impressive variety of sex content and fetishes. With HD XXX videos featuring Asian porn stars as well as new clips being uploaded each week, its main page automatically shows you what videos have just come out, while browsing various categories can help find exactly what you’re searching for.

This site boasts more than 3,000 HD videos to explore and offers its members unlimited streaming access across its five sites. There is plenty of sexy Asian girls to discover here as well as popular fetishes such as foot worship and creampie. In addition, it also offers great Japanese gangbangs and bukkakes!


Mofos is an online pornographic platform offering reality pornography with a unique perspective on art, music and culture. Free to access and available in multiple languages for international usage; Mofos is often referred to as an acronym for “motherfucker.”

Mofos comes from the phrase mo fo, or mo-fo, and refers to “motherfucker”. Mofos may be used in various contexts including:

Dark mofo’s innovative take on art, music and culture remains unparalleled. Its blend of entertainment with uncomfortable truth is unparalleled – an exceptional feat which has kept it at the top of its game for nearly a decade.


Bellesa is an adult site focused on female sexuality. Offering feminist porn, Bellesa provides free video streaming with no advertisements – accessible on most devices – as well as offering subscription services with exclusive content like interactive sex ed and 4k streaming. According to its founder, the aim is to “turn one of the most misogynistic industries on its head”.

Bustle Magazine published an article in February celebrating the feminist approach taken by this Montreal-based company as “feminist porn startup,” calling out their efforts as changing how we view sex; yet this report overlooked that feminism should focus on fair compensation rather than profiting from piracy.

This site’s business model has caused displeasure among adult performers and directors, as its free-to-view videos are stolen from other porn sites without authorization, violating copyright laws while not reflecting their stated feminist values. To address this, they have taken measures such as removing stolen videos and creating policies to protect workers.