Women’s Banarasi Saree

Women’s Banarasi sarees are exquisite traditional Indian garments woven with intricate motifs and designs, and popular among Bollywood celebrities and fashion enthusiasts.

Banarasi sarees can be divided into four main types, known as Georgette, Shattir, Organza with Zari and Katan sarees. Each type has unique characteristics and features that set it apart.


Banarasi saree made with organza are ideal for women who seek contemporary styles while staying true to their Indian roots. Light and airy, they drape beautifully when worn.

They pair well with traditional blouses like cholis and duppattas to complete your look, with various colours and designs available for every special event.

These sarees are hand woven using silk threads that have been carefully hand-spun and treated with chemicals to strengthen them, before being tightly twisted into fibers and hand woven into plain weave sarees by artisans.

Organza fabric is exceptionally delicate and lightweight, allowing designers to embellish it with beads, stones, sequins, and pearls for embroidery or embellishment. You’ll find designer organza sarees available in many hues and designs including floral prints and gotta patti work sarees; some come equipped with heavy zari pallus while others feature lighter embroidery for casual wear.


Even in today’s ever-evolving society, certain timeless trends remain. One such element is the Banarasi silk saree which has long been loved by women for generations. Perfect for all types of celebrations and occasions alike, when worn correctly it can bring pride and steal hearts alike.

There is an array of Banarasi sarees on offer in the market, ranging from organza (Kora), georgette, shattir and katan fabrics woven with zari threads or pure silk threads to create heavy or light versions depending on their use and embellished with various designs such as paisleys, brocades and tanchois.

Chanderi weavers of Madhya Pradesh are famous for crafting stunning sarees that showcase intricate embroidery with zari thread, and feature intricate borders. Chanderi art forms have been practiced for centuries worldwide, with three weavers required to produce these beautiful garments.


Georgette weave is the perfect fabric to bring contemporary elements into a classic Banaras silk saree. Georgette provides lightweight comfort that goes beautifully with traditional designs while being more durable and easier-to-store compared to pure silk fabrics.

Floral prints are an iconic element of Indian culture and symbolize grace and femininity. Paisley patterns also offer traditional yet contemporary aesthetics while contrast borders add a splash of colour.

Banarasi sarees have long been an icon of Indian traditional attire. Today’s 21st century is full of change, yet some things will always remain timeless: Banarasi sarees remain one such must-have in terms of cultural wear. Not only are these stunning sarees beautiful but there is also a range of styles suitable for every event and celebration; online stores provide access to them as well. So take your time selecting your ideal piece before purchasing!


Banarasi silk sarees are an exquisite form of Indian handloom weaving. Crafted with intricately-twisted silk yarns, Banarasi sarees are known for their luxurious texture and delicate sheen as well as intricate designs with floral and other foliate motifs woven throughout each weave strand. Available in various shades and colors.

These sarees have long been worn by brides and other women for special events and celebratory festivities, often for bridal ceremonies and celebratory festivities. There are four distinct weaves which vary based on fabric type, occasion and design features – Katan silk being one such weave which features luxurious threads twisted tightly together creating an opulent yet lightweight and long-term saree design.

Banarasi sarees exude grace, regal opulence and exclusivity due to their stylised floral ‘bootas’ or motifs inspired by foliage that are intricately woven in various colors onto prime silk fabric, exuding grace, regal opulence and exclusivity. Other kinds of Banarasi sarees include Jangla saris made with colourful extra-weft silk yarn as well as Tanchoi sarees featuring elaborate scrolling designs as well as Cutwork Tissue sarees featuring cutwork techniques involving floated thread removal from plain fabrics textured fabrics to give these garments their grace, grace, regal opulence and exclusivity.