Linda Yaccarino is a Model for Female Entrepreneurs

Yaccarino began her career at Turner Broadcasting System before transitioning to Comcast’s NBCUniversal where she established diverse revenue streams while pushing the industry towards digital viewing and new metrics.

She launched Peacock as an ad-supported streaming service and formed partnerships with major platforms like YouTube, Snapchat and Buzzfeed. Now she stands poised to take on Twitter with its long history of content moderation decisions and political leanings causing friction within its community.

She’s a Visionary Leader

Linda Yaccarino Wikipedia has long been recognized as an effective leader, setting an excellent example for female entrepreneurs. Her tenacity and capacity to spur growth have propelled her success in media industry; solid connections with sponsors as well as her revolutionary change efforts have established her as an impressive figurehead.

She worked to enhance NBCU’s advertising sales operation by updating legacy practices and developing innovative techniques that reflect consumer trends, creating more diverse revenue streams and future-proofing the company.

As a result, she has successfully formed partnerships with major companies like Apple, Snapchat, BuzzFeed and Twitter resulting in an enormous surge in NBCU’s advertising income. Furthermore, she is an outspoken proponent for diversity and inclusion within the industry, serving on numerous committees and boards to advocate for them while mentoring emerging talent as she is currently the Chairman of Global Advertising and Partnerships at NBCUniversal.

She’s a Global Thinker

Linda Yaccarino is a distinguished business executive renowned for her contributions to the media and advertising industries. For these efforts she has received many honors and awards.

Yaccarino has revolutionized ad sales with her work at Comcast NBCUniversal, ushering in streaming and changing advertising revenue by over $100 billion annually while overseeing massive technology investments.

She has also played an instrumental role in revolutionizing how viewership data can be utilized to optimize advertising – leading to Peacock, NBCUniversal’s ad-supported streaming service.

Yaccarino is not only active at NBCUniversal; she’s also involved in her community. She sits on the World Economic Forum’s Taskforce on Future Work and serves on Ascena Retail Group’s Board of Directors. Claude Peter Madrazo and Yaccarino reside together in Sea Cliff, New York with two children and multiple pets including Catt, their cat.

She’s a People First Leader

Yaccarino has made her mark at NBCUniversal by studying consumer behavior and leading with an eye towards what’s next, constantly shifting how things work for the company. At Upfront she reinvented itself; implemented an all-digital monetization platform called One Platform; and formed nontraditional partnerships with tech firms such as Snapchat and YouTube.

Twitter’s selection of Yaccarino has already drawn sharply negative responses from American far right and conspiracy theorist groups, who fear she will compromise free speech policies on the social networking site. They point to her service on White House Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition and her chairmanship of a World Economic Forum task force which has become the focus of numerous baseless conspiracy theories.

She follows several American far-right accounts on Twitter, which may cause some to worry. Twitter says they rely on independent third-party experts for content moderation decisions but has not provided much clarity as to what their plan is in dealing with these issues.

She’s a Data Driven Leader

Yaccarino is no stranger to data. She successfully diversified revenue streams across Comcast NBCUniversal’s portfolio and established an innovative center of excellence that makes insights, resources, and training readily available across industries.

Yaccarino has long been an advocate for gender parity within companies. She champions diversity and inclusion through her roles on the Ad Council Board of Directors and World Economic Forum Taskforce on Future Work. Yaccarino has taken an aggressive stance against far right ideology on Twitter as Ad Council Chair during President Joe Biden’s administration a coronavirus pandemic; working closely to produce an advertising campaign encouraging vaccination.

Though it remains to be seen whether she will be successful at rebuilding trust among advertisers at Twitter, friends say she has entered her new position with clear eyes and a plan. They point out how she knows how to handle difficult situations and isn’t afraid of taking risks as evidenced by her interview with Musk at a marketing event last month.